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Good vocal technique (the way you use your voice) allows free and clear singing throughout your range, WITHOUT ANY TENSION OR VOCAL BREAKS. It must work for every style of music, free from strain or tension in the mouth, throat, mouth, jaw, neck, or shoulders.

All too often, singers have damaged or fatigued voices trained by bad voice teachers. Many of these students have come to our list top voice teachers from other singing teachers with serious voice problems like vocal polyps, nodules and pre-nodules, pre-hemorrhage and even partial vocal paralysis conditions. Our list of teachers regularly work with several of the country's top laryngologists and vocal surgeons to help reverse the effects of the ongoing vocal problems of these students by singing (and speaking) with better vocal technique.

Using easy, consistent vocal exercises, singers of all abilities and ages crash through vocal "roadblocks" such as tension, vocal weakness and poor range or control. They are then helped to use their new abilities when singing any style of music. You can sing pop, rock & roll, r&b, country, classical, musical theatre, Christian, or others.

It doesn't matter if you sing high or low notes, soft or loud notes, you want to sing with the same easily used voice you speak with, singing with total vocal freedom throughout all of your range, with a consistent sound and feel. Good singing should be (and can be) that easy!


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