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How To Find A Manager

By, Nathan Franklin (reprinted from the Spring 1997 issue of Indie Magazine (page 19)

In plain English, the manager you choose can make or break your music career. It's one of the moat important business choices you'll ever make and one of the most crucial relationships you'll ever need to develop. Good solid interaction, cooperation between artist and manager is absolutely necessary—but the real key is respect. Choose a manager you can respect and rely upon and one who will respect your needs, talent, and aspirations.

A manager's job is to help an artist develop his or her full talent and business potential. After all, music is a business. A good manager is qualified to render sound advice and guidance and is experienced in all phases of the industry including publishing, bookings, contracts, negotiations and the execution of all types of agreements in the best interest of the client. And if you have star quality, a sharp manager will sense it right away and, very importantly, know exactly what to do to get you moving.

What A Manager Does
A personal manager, as opposed to a business manager, is going to end up knowing you inside and out. That's what it takes. A business manager can deal in numbers, even legal-speak ... and you don't even have to see the person that often. But, a personal manager's going to deal in your head and soul and is going to be right there like your shadow. The personal manager should be qualified to give an artist advice and counsel in such areas as:

· Selection of the best music, lyrics and other professional decisions.
· Selection of attorneys, accountants, business manager, booking agent and all peripheral business services.
· Selection of the' right record companies to pursue and the right contacts to explore.
· All matters pertaining to promotion and advertising,, publicity and public relations.
· Good
judgment in types of employment that best suit a client's talent, capabilities and aspirations.

A manager's responsibility is to improve the career of an artist. Period. A first class manager will put together a plan and a team of workers… that may include a road manager, publicist, accountant, business manager, producer, and booking agent, all of whom have been checked out and show evidence of working well together for the client's benefit.

What To Look For In A Manager

When looking for a manager, the number one priority is integrity. Research. Call for references. Learn all you can about that person who'll be responsible for your future. Don't settle for anyone less than someone who:
· Is honest
· Believes in the artist's talent
· Can communicate well verbally and on paper. Works well with people.
· Has staying power to stick with an artist all the way.

How To Find A Manager

One of the simplest ways. to find a manager is to look at the inside cover of your favorite artists’ CD or tape for their manager contact information. Also smart, is networking at music conferences like the Cutting edge, BRE, sxsw, and CMJ. There are also local and national directories that list managers - the Source Book is one of the best. Always have a current press kit or promotional package ready to send. And, try the Internet - a great way to get the attention of a manager or record company. You can put your promo kit on the web site with sound bites of your music. Managers usually make from 10% to 25% of the artist/band gross compensation.

Most lawyers advise that your manager and record company not be one and the same. However, rules in the music industry are very elastic. For example, if you're 'bout it' you could be like rap star Master P who is artist, manager, president and owner of one of the most successful record labels in the world. It's what works for you.

Nathaniel Franklin is an experienced manager and producer. He has worked with such artists as Freak Nasty, All Natural,, Jesse Johnson, Kane & Abel, Marcus, SOULJA, Rude Da Real, Babee Boyy, House Man, Scandalous and Ghinn.

The above page was can be referenced at http://www.rapcoalition.org/

Another great site page is http://www.allmusicindustrycontacts.com/music-manager-info.htm


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